The Fabric Team are responsible for the maintenance and decoration of the Church and Manse. Over the past two years their main focus has been on the church roof, steeple repair and working on the carbon footprint of the buildings. This has included looking at heating and insulation, lighting, food miles and waste and recycling. This has made the building a clean, bright and a welcoming environment.

Externally, groups of volunteers have been organised periodically to tidy the church grounds and some paid gardening work. An Annual inspection is organised. The Property Register detailing the work done in a given year is kept up to date, including a Manse Condition Report and Presbytery permissions are sought where required.

With ever developing challenges in a large old building, what is desirable is not always possible due to financial constraints. The team must then set priorities to assess what is urgent and necessary.  

The Fabric team made a decision to redecorate the church and in 2016 a Fundraising team set up to support this.   This met with an excellent response from the congregation.  After a careful specification was drawn up by the team and a number of contractors were contacted, we are close to awarding the contract. We are hopeful that the work can commence during the Summer months.