Convener: Rev Ken Froude

Why have a Worship team?

In most churches worship is led by a minister or priest and in the Church of Scotland the minister does have sole responsibility for the content and conduct of worship. However, other people have talents and insights to bring and can also grow in their own faith and confidence by being involved in planning and leading worship.

A team meeting together will learn from one another, will bring balance and diversity and will share honest feedback about services that would otherwise be hard to get.

Our Worship Team is particularly involved in ‘special’ Sundays, Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost etc, discussing more innovative ways of expressing these things and often members take responsibility to plan and lead parts of these services.

We also ensure that a number of voices are heard every Sunday, giving the welcome, leading in prayer and reading scripture and members of the team regularly conduct Sunday worship when the minister is absent.